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    Metropark international hotel

    Xi 'an (Epang Palace) metropark international hotel is located in the center of the ancient city of historical and cultural city of xi 'an hotel, is located in the core area of downtown shopping and entertainment, adjacent to the provincial government building, central business district, the geographical position from the hotel to the eighth wonder of the world - qin shihuang terracotta warriors about 50 minutes.

    Xi 'an (Epang Palace) metropark international hotel has all kinds of rooms, a total 9 multi-purpose conference room, perfect meeting and banquet facilities to provide you with attentive and thoughtful personalized service. Unique TianJingShi structure is the hotel's unique design, the design of the atrium as jiangnan garden, ring around the water, there are fish in the pool, pool bamboo green, the birds, bubbling streams, making it a open discussion of choice.