Tong Wan Feng-a large music-dance poem showing Bactrian Kingdom’s splendid culture

Tong Wan Feng, a large music-dance poem, is produced and performed by Shaanxi Jingbian Art Troupe. In the form of music, dance and poem, Tong Wan Feng showed Bactrian Kingdom’s 26-year history of rise and fall. By performing the city wall and moat, nation, history and mysterious ancient Xiongnu nationality, performers glutted audience’s eyes with romance of foreign lands as well as Bactrian Kingdom’s magnificence.

Relics of Tongwan City are located in Jingbian County, Shaanxi. They are at the border of Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia and near the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. They are capital relics of Bactrian Kingdom founded by South Xiongnu noble Helian Bobo in the period of “Five Huns Sixteen Regime” in Chinese history. They are also the only evidential capital relics left by ancient Xiongnu nationality in human history. They have a history of more than 1,600 years. In the form of arts, Tong Wan Feng represented this period of history.
Tong Wan Feng as an excellent performance has been performed in Chinese arts festivals for many times. It has become an excellent performance that can represent the local culture.

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