Wine Bar Street at Defu Alley of Xi'an Will Light Up Your Night Life

Defu Alley is in the north of Xiangzi Temple Avenue of South Gate of Beilin District of Xi'an City. In the Sui and Tang Dynasties, it used to be a part of the imperial city. The alley is full of ancient flavor. The grandiose stone archway with three openings, the pseudo-classic architectures in neat arrangement,and the footpath paved with large pieces of bluestone, have made this place become a new scene of the ancient city.

In a street less than 200 meters long, you can feel a strong cultural atmosphere. You can see cafes, bars and tea shops one after another. Even their names are full of elegance. Whenever evening comes, here becomes a paradise for urban passers to kill away their time. It has become the street with the strongest "exotic flavor" in the traditional culture zone.

Address:North side of Xiangzi Temple of South Gate of Beilin District of Xi'an.

Bus taking routes:Bus 501,706,or 707, and get off at Fenxiang Stop.

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