The live landscape historical ballet The Song of Everlasting Sorrow opens the show season in 2018

On March 24, the 2018 new ballet The Song of Everlasting Sorrow was staged at the Huaqing Palace. The new ballet involves complete updates in costume props, lighting effects, LED electronic screens and other aspects. The technique of dancing is more perfect and the sound, lighting and electronic effects are more shocking. With the change of lighting colors, the audience feels the evolution of the plot and the immersion into the prosperity of the grand Tang Dynasty, and gets new visual and auditory enjoyment.

The Song of Everlasting Sorrow is China’s first large-scale live landscape historical ballet. Based on the masterpiece of the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi, with the same name of “The Song of Everlasting Sorrow”, the ballet relies on modern technologies with artistic performances and combines historical story and live play to reproduce the touching love story between Emperor Tang Minghuang and his Imperial Concubine Yang Yuhuan. The ballet The Song of Everlasting Sorrow has been performed in the Huaqing Palace Scenic Area from April to October each year since its first debut 12 years ago. To date, it has been performed for over 3,000 times and the accumulative audience has exceeded 5.2 million. Over the years, after several revisions and constantly improvement, The Song of Everlasting Sorrow has become a cultural mark of Shaanxi cultural tourism and a must-see repertoire for domestic and foreign tourists traveling in Shaanxi.

The three-standards of live performance service specifications, namely Guideline, Performance Management and Quality Management worked out based on the management and service guidelines of ballet The Song of Everlasting Sorrow have been determined as the national standards and promulgated and implemented.

Website of Huaqing Palace Scenic Area: http://www.hqc.cn/

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