Circumvallation Lantern Festival -- a beautiful cultural card of Xi'an

The Xi’an Circumvallation, a historic city's cultural signature, it not only has a rich history and culture, is representative of Shaanxi culture, but also a symbol of Chinese civilization. The Xi’an Circumvallation remains majestic for a thousand years; it's not only the guardian of the millennium of history and civilization, but also carries the unique feelings of Shaanxi people.

As a cultural and recreational activity preferred by Shaanxi people during their Spring Festival, the Circumvallation Lantern Festival shows Chinese classical culture and at the same time highlights the unique culture of Xi'an. The annual Xi'an Circumvallation Lantern Festival has a history of more than 30 years. Whenever the Spring Festival is approaching, it's always a favorite cultural activity for domestic and international tourists to cling to the old, strong Xi'an Circumvallation and watch the beautiful multicolored lanterns.

Xi'an has sent a sincere invitation of "Let the World Come to Xi'an to Celebrate Chinese New Year" to the world and invites all friends to come to the ancient capital to feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture during the Spring Festival.

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