Emmanuel Macron goes to Cafe De La Tour while in Xi'an

Situated on Hui People Street in Xi'an, Huajue Alley links up with the Drum Tower on the south and with West Sheep Market streets on the north. There is a cafe called "Cafe de la tour." On January 8, 2018, President Emmanuel Macron of France patronized the cafe with his wife when they paid a visit to Xi'an.

Zhang Zhen, the cafe owner, described in detail how Emmanuel Macron came to his store. "I was sitting in my cafe when I saw Emmanuel Macron and his wife walking out of the Grand Mosque after a sightseeing tour. I was wondering whether they would drop in for a cup of coffee as I watched the couple coming close to the entrance of my store, almost ready to pass it by. Then, to my great astonishment, Emmanuel Macron suddenly pushed the door open." Zhang Zhen jumped to his feet to welcome him with a hearty handshake, calling out a greeting to the handsome president using his rusty but serviceable French. "He asked me how long I had run my store and how well my business was faring, and I answered all his questions." President Emmanuel Macron stayed at his place for about 10 minutes and took a close look at the photos put up around the store.

Cafe de la tour is a cafe designed to give its patrons a French flavor. Although it is not very large in size, the store has built quite a reputation in foreigner circles in Shaanxi, particularly those French ones. In fact, not only it has rendered services to French President Emmanuel Macron, but many political and governmental dignitaries from Malaysia, Germany, New Zealand, and other countries have dropped in for refreshment. The small store, which gives off a rich fragrance of coffee, has already become a small but useful window on Shaanxi to the world.

Be sure to have a cup of coffee in this cafe when you come to Xi'an.

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