Famen Temple Scenic Spot launched Buddhist Cultural Interactive and Experiential Performance Once Upon A Time at Famen Temple

As a famous Buddhist temple with a history of more than 1,700 years, Famen Temple has become a Buddhist holy land with the whole world gazing upon it, for placing the remains of the finger bones of Sakyamuni Buddha. Since 2017, it has launched an interactive performance Once Upon A Time at Famen Temple, which is excellent beyond compare. It has become the most popular activity for tourists to participate in since launching.

The entire performance of Once Upon A Time at Famen Temple is divided into [Prologue·Sarira to the East], [Act I· Varada Mudra], [Act II·Fearlessness], [Act III·Buddhist Mara-tarjana], [Act IV·Dhyana Samadhi], and [Epilogue·Light and Completeness]. The story spans five different periods including the Tang Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty, the Republic of China, the Cultural Revolution, and Modern Times, which truly represents the legendary stories of real historic figures such as “the Silly Monk,” “Zhu Ziqiao,” “Master Liangqing” and others, who sacrificed themselves to protect and maintain the Buddhist truth. 

Once Upon A Time at Famen Temple adopts the form of interactive performance where the audience can “watch while walking,” so that the audience does not only watch while sitting down, but they can also be part of the performance. Their surrounding environment is the performing area which puts the audience in the show, so that they can experience the outstanding effect of the performance in an all-round way.

In just one and a half hour, tourists are like walking observers for pilgrimage, travelling through time. When they step into the independent space of each act, they watch the story that happened at that time. Since there is no fixed stage, tourists can fully immerse themselves in the locality of the stories. The performers and frames made of HD lights and 3D projection technology can show up anywhere near the audience, including above their heads and below their feet. They can even appear in different places at the same time. The audience usually cannot help but move around to “watch” the history that is just happening. 

7,452 niches for Buddha can not only create a solemn and respectful historical atmosphere, but the performance also moves the super-large stage means to the inside, including large settings, mechanics, special effects and so on. The performance also makes use of carefully created the Buddhist handprint dance so as to bring a difference experience to the tourists…

Public Transport to the Scenic Spot:
1. Take No. 2 Bus (Tourism) at the East Square of Xi’an Railway Station (It starts at 8:00am and returns at 3:00pm.), and get off at Famen Temple.
2. Take a bus named “Sheng Tang Zhi Lv” (Journey to the Tang Dynasty) at the Tang Paradise (West Gate) (It starts at 9:00am and returns at 4:30pm. If you buy a ticket to the Famen Temple, you can take the bus for free.) to reach Famen Temple.

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