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A high quality product of Shaanxi Tourism -- Shaanxi Fine 5-day Tour

In the golden autumn season, the mainstream media from all over the country gathered in the ancient city of Xi'an to witness the release of high-quality tourism products and experience the characteristics of high-quality tourism products in Shaanxi. Among them, the product named Shaanxi Fine 5-day Tour has won the favor of many journalists.

D1: Terracotta Army + Huaqing Hot Spring + Everlasting Regret

Highlights of the trip: Terracotta Army: Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor and Terracotta Army pit were approved by UNESCO in World Heritage List, with more than 200 foreign heads of state and government visiting.

Huaqing Palace: Because of its everlasting hot spring resources, the historical allusions of the beacon fire dramas, the love stories between Xuan Zong, the Emperor (reigned 725-768) of the Tang Dynasty, and Yang Yuhuan (719-756), his favorite concubine, and the place where Xi'an Incident took place, it has become a landmark tourist spot of Chinese Tang culture.

Everlasting Regret: A large-scale real-scene historical dance drama. With the love stories between Xuan Zong of Tang Dynasty and his favorite concubine Yang Yuhuan as the main line, the dance drama restores a magnificent historical situation and a touching love story. 

Food recommendation: Belt Noodles, Big Plate Chicken of Lintong, and Large Qin Small Banquet Combo of True Love Chinese Restaurant.

Entertainment Sharing: Tourists could make small terracotta warriors and horses in the corresponding factories to experience extraordinary pleasures.

D2: Red Leaves in Fragrant Hills of Hancheng + Bell Drum Tower Plaza + the Muslim Quarter

Highlights of the trip: Look at the maple, yellow oak and red leaves on tens of millions mu of hillsides or ditches, and savor the special Shaanxi snacks in the Muslim Quarter, Xi'an, to feel the flavor of the city.

Food recommendation: Special snacks in the Muslim Quarter, the dumpling banquet of De Fachang in Bell Tower, and the little hotpot that Empress Dowager Cixi likes to eat.

Entertainment sharing: Experience the shadow play performances and paper-cut art of Gao Grand Courtyard in the Muslim Quarter.

D3: Shaanxi History Museum + Hanyang Mausoleum (Ginkgo Garden) + Taibai Mountain Phoenix Hot Spring Hotel 

Highlights of the trip: Experience the unique historical and cultural features of Shaanxi in an all-round way. Watch the largest ginkgo grove in Xi'an around Hanyang Mausoleum Museum. Look at the Buddhist shrine, Famen Temple in the north of Taibai Mountain Phoenix Hot Spring Hotel, and in the south overlook the white snow, enjoying the peace of mind.

Entertainment sharing: Hotel hot springs, and Taibai Mountain skiing.

D4: Taibai Mountain + Yongxingfang

Highlights of the trip: Look at the highest peak of the Qinling Mountains in Taibai Mountain National Forest Park. Taste authentic Shaanxi folk snacks and intangible cultural heritage cuisine at Yongxingfang, and enjoy folk craftsmanship shows.

Food recommendation: Taste the Qin combo including Shaanxi Liangpi, Marinated Meat in Baked Bun, and Ice Peak Soda, once enjoyed by Chairman Xi Jinping at Yongxingfang.

Entertainment sharing: Experience bowl-throwing wine, taste brush crispy, shoot a TikTok video, and be an Internet celebrity.

D5: Qujiang Site Park + Tang Paradise + Performance of the musical Dream Back to Great Tang Dynasty+ Tasting Tang Dynasty Lotus Banquet

Highlights of the trip: Feel the prosperity of Tang Dynasty.

Food recommendation: Taste Tang Dynasty Lotus Banquet.

Entertainment sharing: Appreciation of the Tang Dynasty musical Dream Back to Great Tang Dynasty.

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