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What Is Shaanxi (V)

Qinling Mountains

In the “natural biological gene bank” of the Qinling Mountains,

there are over 3,400 wild seed plants, accounting for 10% of those nationwide.
You can cross it and have
a close-up view of such rare animals and plants as
giant panda, crested ibis, golden monkey, takin,
larix chinensis and paeonia rockii.
At present, there are 345 giant pandas active in the Qinling Mountains.
Its population density ranks first in the world.
Mount Taibai is the No.1 peak to the east of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
As one of the “eight scenes of Guanzhong”, “the trapped snow in Mount Taibai in June” has a unique charm.
You can ascend to the top of Mount Hua 
and experience the wonders of nature in the “No.1 Mountain in terms of uniqueness and venture”
After a deep interaction with Qinlin, many scholars have left impressive works,
forming an indelible long picture of landscape of Mount Zhongnan.
You can also approach Hukou Waterfall, 
China’s second largest waterfall,
and Qiankun Bay, the No.1 bay of the Yellow River to
feel the turbulence and profoundness of the mother river of the Chinese nation.
The 828-kilometer scenic highway along the Yellow River in Shaanxi 
is reputed as the most beautiful “China’s No. 1” highway,
a paradise for self-driving tour;
At the shore of the Han River, “water of waves”,
you can listen to the hymns of the past and present;
You may go boating in the Hongjiannao,
appreciating the natural beauty of China’s largest desert freshwater lake.
Such is Shaanxi.
In addition to sunrise and sunset, starry night
and faintly visible prosperity in the bustling,
there is also historical profoundness. 
What we need to do is to find it out.

It’s just a distance of glancing back.

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