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What Is Shaanxi (II)

Chang’an City

Chang’an City (present Xi’an) 

encapsulates half of the Chinese history. 
“You may look at Shanghai for the Chinese culture of 100 years, Beijing for 1000 years and Xi’an for 5000 years”.
Xi’an used to be the central stage of ancient Chinese history,
giving rise to 13 regimes including Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang.
Xi’an has a history of over 1,000 years of being the capital and 3,100 years of being the city,
emerging as the city serving as the capital for most dynasties and with the longest history in China.
It’s known as one of the four ancient civilizations of the world.
The present sites of the Qin Epang Palace, Han Chang’an City,
Daming Palace National, Tang City Wall,
Qujiang Pool, Big Wild Goose Pagoda Ruins Park,
Shaanxi History Museum, Forest of Stone Steles Museum, etc.
have all witnessed the glory of the ancient capital Xi'an.
Such sites allow posterities to remember the historical vicissitudes,
see the traces of time, retain the cultural roots
and experience the profoundness and romance of “one-city culture and half-city immortals”.
Xi'an Ming City Wall is the largest and
the most complete ancient military castle facility in the world.
You can climb the wall and overlook the passage of years.
Drink a cup of coffee or beer beneath it and enjoy the leisure time of the ancient city.
By the way, you may walk into the Muslim Street, Yongxingfang, etc.
to experience the unique charm of ethnic fusion and intangible cultural heritages;
Every element of Xi’an Inno Start–Up Wonderland is full of vigor and vitality;
Shaanxi Grand Theatre, Xi’an Yisu Theatre, Xi’an Concert Hall,
Xi’an Art Museum, Dahua 1935 Creative Street, etc.
exhibit the omnipresent charm of tradition and fashion of the ancient capital. 
You may also witness the exuberant style of 108 colleges and universities,
including 8 “double first-class” (development of world’s first-class universities 

and first-class disciplines) institutes.

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