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Must-go place in Yellow River Tourism Belt-Fuping Pottery Art Village (International Ceramic Art Museums)

Fuping Pottery Art Village (International Ceramic Art Museums) is a ceramic art exchange center themed by ceramic art and integrating the functions of catering, accommodating, visit and shopping, as well as China's first ceramic art museum themed by modern ceramic art. The museums comprise a main museum, over 10 branches of different countries and regions including Scandinavia Museum (Northern Europe Museum), France Museum, Australia & New Zealand Museum, USA Museum, Canada Museum, Italy Museum, Germany Museum, Netherlands Museum and UK Museum, as well as a ceramic art documentation center. The museums have a collection of nearly 10,000 ceramic artworks with different styles from over 500 ceramists in more than 50 countries and regions, as well as over 1,500 ceramic journals of 47 types.

Fuping Pottery Art Village is the permanent site of the International Ceramic Magazine Editors Symposium. Ceramic exchange meetings and ceramist interactive activities often take place here.

The village has a ceramic workshop for tourists to make ceramics. With experienced ceramic technicians, the workshop provides integrated services including ceramic making, molding and glazing.

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