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Must-go place in Yellow River Tourism Belt-Dangjia Village

Located in the northeast of Hancheng City, Shaanxi Province, 9 kilometers away from downtown Hancheng and 5.5 kilometers east of the Yellow River, Dangjia Village is home to over 300 households and over 1,400 residents surnamed Dang or Zhao. It was built in the second year of the Zhishun period of the Yuan Dynasty (1331 AD) nearly 700 years ago.

Dangjia Village has a long history, and people here are simple and honest. With over 120 quadrangles, 11 ancestral halls and 25 watchtowers, as well as ancient buildings including temples, stages, Wenxing Pavilion, Kangjia Tower, Miyang Fort and Jiexiao Stele, it is hailed as "the living fossil of Oriental ancient traditional residential villages" and "the treasure of world dwellings". As a typical and outstanding representative of Shaanxi's ancient mountain dwellings, the ancient building complex in Dangjia Village ancient was included in the Tentative List of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in China by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage on March 28, 2008.

In Dangjia Village, the old stone laneways, multitudinous high gates, exquisite horse stones, solemn ancestral halls, towering Wenxing Pavilion, mysterious dust-proof pearl, magnificent Jiexiao Stele and quadrangles with rational layout are telling the prosperity of the village in the past.


You can take a through train to Hancheng in Beijing or Xi'an and then take a minibus to Dangjia Village after getting off in Hancheng.

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