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Huayin, Lantian, Ningqiang and Chenggu in Shaanxi are honored as “The first batch of national leisure tourist resorts"

On June 24, “2018 Leisure Tourism Development and Quality Summit" hosted by Xinhuanet was held in Beijing. The former director of the National Tourism Administration Shao Qiwei and experts from other industries as well as representatives from 80 tourism destination cities, scenic spots and operating investment enterprises across the country attended the summit. 

Huayin City, Lantian County, Ningqiang County and Chenggu County in Shaanxi Province were honored as “the first batch of national leisure tourist resorts" in the summit. 

Huayin City has the national scenic area Huashan Mountain, Xiyue Temple honored as “Shaanxi imperial palace" and Wei Great Wall Historic Site built more than one hundred years earlier than the Great Wall. Laoqiang opera, Mihu opera, shadow play, paper-cut and other cultural heritages in Huayin have spread, Laoqiang and Mihu opera are listed on the national intangible cultural heritage list. 

The main tourist attractions in Lantian County include Wang Shunshan National Forest Park, Bailuyuan Film and Television City, Folk Culture Village, Shuilu Nunnery, Lantian Ape Man Site, etc. 

The main tourist attractions in Ningqiang County include Qiang Culture Expo Park, Qingmuchuan Ancient Town, Han Water Source Forest Park, etc. 

The main tourist attractions in Chenggu County include World Cultural Heritage Zhang Qian's Tomb (Zhang Qian Memorial Hall), Orange Garden Scenic Spot, Nansha Lake Scenic Spot, etc. 

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