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Hongjiannao paradise for the larus relictus of endangered migratory birds

With the increase of the temperature, the Hongjiannao wetland reserve in Shenmu, Shaanxi Province has become the world of larus relictus. Looking from the air, on the bird island of Hongjiannao wetland reserve of more than 3,000 square meters, tens of thousands of larus relictus hatch here. The large bird island has become the activity center of the larus relictus. The whole island in the center of the lake is densely covered with nesting group, and the nearest distance between the nests is only about 7 centimeters. 

In addition to the larus relictus, brown-headed gulls, terns and dry gulls play on the island. Tens of thousands of migratory birds turn the entire island in the center of the lake into a paradise for birds. 

Larus relictus is endangered migratory bird and has been listed on the endangered red list of the International union for Conservation of Nature. 

According to the staff of Hongjiannao Nature Reserve Management Bureau, the number of surviving larus relictus of Hongjiannao had increased from about 2050 nests in 2016 to about 3,000 nests in 2017. There are also 4 species of national class I protected wild birds in the reservation area, including black stork, golden eagle, white-tailed sea eagle and great bustard, and 18 species of national class II protected wild birds, including pelican, white spoonbill, big swan and little swan. Hongjiannao is located on the main migration route of migratory birds and is also one of the important breeding places for migratory birds in summer. Each year, massive waterfowl stop and breed here. The quantity of all kinds of waterfowl observed is more than 40,000. 

Hongjiannao Lake Scenic Area is located in Jiajialiang Village, Erlintu Town, Shenmu City, Yulin City of Shaanxi Province. The water surface area of the scenic spot is 67 square kilometers. It is plateau inland lake and the largest desert fresh water lake in China. 

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