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Hukou Falls of Yellow River is in flood season and shows magnificent waterfalls again

Recently, the main stream of the Yellow River has entered the main flood season due to increased rainfall in the upstream, the main and auxiliary waterfalls of Hukou waterfall are in line, and show the magnificent waterfalls and attract many tourists. 

Hukou Waterfall is the largest yellow waterfall in the world. The Yellow River flows to this point. The cliff on both sides of the river rises steeply. The river mouth narrows like a spout, so it is named as Hukou Waterfall. The water surface of the Yellow River in the upstream of the waterfall is 300 meters wide, and within the long distance of less than 500 meters, it is compressed to the width of 20 to 30 meters. The river water of 1,000 cubic meters per second pours down from the steep cliff over 20 meters high like ten thousand horses galloping ahead unstoppably. 

The best time to watch Hukou Waterfall in a year is April and May. Peach blossom flood season is the time of highest water yield in the year. The second is July and August, it is rainy season full of rainfall and high flow season. 

Location: Hukou Township, Yichuan County, Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province

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