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Enjoy a Funny, Slow Life in Homelike Guest Houses throughout Shaanxi

Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission has included tourism accommodations such as guest houses into its agenda for quality tourism throughout Shaanxi. According to Gao Zhongyin, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission, Shaanxi's guest houses shall be oriented towards a funny, flow life with homelike accommodations, creating a rural idyll instead of just a traditional countryside. 

Featured guest houses are recommended at tourism-related websites: 

Starry Sky Guest House in Jingyugou Bamboo Grove 

Starry Sky Guest House, the highlight of Jingyugou Bamboo Grove, Xi’an, features wooden structure. The cluster of guest houses are scattered around the grove, like another home of yours in the mountain. 

Address: Xiche Village, South Fengguang Road, Dizhai Street, Baqiao District, Xi’an

Pomegranate Flower & Brook Lodge

The name was inspired by the verse of Yu Youren, saying “Pomegranate flowers greet guests with hospitability; brook flows away the past and present silently”. 

Address: The center of Zhiyang Plaza, 3 Fenghuang Avenue, Lintong, Xi’an

Infinite Cottage Guest House

At the peak of Mount Li and beside Human Ancestry Temple, Infinite Cottage is a country retreat far away boisterous metropolises, where you live in tranquility with distinct seasons. 

Address: 500 meters northwest away from Renzong Middle School, Dairen Road, Renzong Street, Lintong District, Xi’an

Zhong Nan Ming Cottage Guest House

At the foot of Mount Zhongnan, the guest house was rebuilt from a house of hundred-year Central Shaanxi Plain style, where you can enjoy a life that Chinese recluses led in mountains.  

Address: Baoshi Village, Ziwu Street, Chang'an District, Xi’an

Heidi’s Manor

Based on the Swiss fairy tale Heidi, Heidi’s Manor is full of childishness and exotic atmosphere.

Address: Shibianyukou Village, Chang'an District, Xi’an

Shangwang Courtyard

Close to the mountain and not far away to cities, the guest house is an authentic building of the Central Shaanxi Plain style. 

Address: Shixiagou Village, Luanzhen Street, Chang'an District, Xi’an

Cliff·Eight Li

Surrounded with mountains, bamboo groves and brooks, the guest house is decorated with locomotives, retro posters, old automobile license plates, ceramic basins of Japanese style, etc., which resonate with fashion and modernity.

Address: Group I, Qianjiuyu Village, Louguan Town, Zhouzhi County, Xi’an

Well Inn

Rebuilt by Ma Qingyun from an old milling plant in the plant area and then re-designed by 14 artists, the inn is now a unique artistic hotel, with transparent, high glass façade. 

Address: Yushan Town, Lantian County, Xi’an

Landscape & Jade

The bijou courtyard is a Peach Blossom Land of Zen, facing mountains and waters.

Address: Shanhu Village, Jiujianfang Town, Lantian County, Xi’an

White Deer Plain Palace · Rampart Hotel

Going beyond anonymous tourism accommodations, the hotel features traditional Chinese culture and customs of the central Shaanxi Plain. With the setting of White Deer Plain culture, it is noted for cultural retreat.

Address: Zishui County, White Deer Plain Film City, Lantian County, Xi’an

Taibai Stone Cottage

Located in Taibai County, Taibai Stone Cottage is constructed with wood and black brick, the unique dwelling.

Address: Tangkou Village, Jutou Town, Taibai County, Baoji

Guan Tang Hou Pu Guest House

Rebuilt from obsolete primary schoolhouses and featuring old material transformation and old wood, Guan Tang Hou Pu is aimed at visitors of simple, natural and elegant taste. 

Address: Maqu Village, Long County, Baoji

In the Fields

In Yuanjia Village where is noted for local customs, there are quite a few guest houses, including In the Fields, which is decorated both traditionally and fashionably, with the unique courtyard design, commodious yard and lush vegetation and distinct rooms. 

Address: East of Guanzhong Ancient Town, Yuanjia Village, Liquan County, Xianyang 


The guest house of simple Central Shaanxi Plain style combines rural idyll and Chinese ink drawing of free sketch.

Address: Liju Lane, Yuanjia Village, Liquan County, Xianyang


Located at the Hui’s Block, Yuanjia Village, it is an elegant guest house constructed in accordance with criteria for World Heritage Cities. When you go out, you will meet Hui Food Street, a wonderful experience.

Address: Northern entrance of Hui Street, Yuanjia Village, Liquan County, Xianyang

Yingjia Guest House

Located at Cuiping Island in Ying Lake, it is noted for the landscape of mountains and lake as well as the unique style. 

Address: Ying Lake Eco-tourism Area, Ankang

Xiaozeng Wine Shop

It is noted for the unique operation model that you may not pay for wine but meals. The wine shop is a quiet inn, ideal for a few friends to carouse.

Address: Longtou Village, Chengguan Town, Pingli County, Ankang

Mengziyang Farm Manor

Every family has a yard. Bridge over the river, tea aroma around the mountain and literary atmosphere. 

Address: Mengziyang Farm Manor, Quandong Road, Ziyang County, Ankang

Nanyue Guest House

Nanyue Village is located at the foot of Mt. Fenghuang, the branch of Qinlin Mountains, where there are a lot of orchid and tea bushes. 

Address: Nanyue Village, Hengkou Town, Hanbin District, Ankang

Yeyuan Guest House

Located at Houliugu Town, it is noted for delicious foods, secluded foreyard and quiet environment.

Address: Former site of the People’s Bank of China, Old Street of Houliu Ancient Town, Ankang

Hemanlanruo Hotel

The design of Hemanlanruo Hotel represents Zen. Additionally, it combines Zhen'an’ characteristics and the cultural spirit of Jintaishan Tourist Area to create a profound landscape. 

Address: Zhen'an County, Shangluo


As a contrarian guest house in Shaanxi, 97Motel comes as a car hotel of USA style instead of Zen or Chinese style. 

Address: Group III, Zhujiawan Village, Yingpan Town, Zhashui County, Shangluo

Yunxi·Aling Guest House

It is located at Huoshaodian Village, Liuba County, Hanzhong, which is recognized the most beautiful town throughout Qinlin Mountains and where you will lead a slow life as time is passing slowly.

Address: Yunxi· Aling Guest House, Huoshaodian Village, Liuba County, Hanzhong

Liuba Study

Located at the Old Street of Liuba County, Hanzhong, it was rebuilt from an old quadrangle, featuring reading room and amenity. 

Address: 34 Old Street of Chengguan Town, Liuba County, Hanzhong

Dihuayi Guest House

The ancient, literate Dihua Town has endless scenery and legends.

Address: Dihua Scenic Area, Dihua Town, Danfeng County

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