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China’s Culture and Tourism Department releases lists of top 10 tourist destinations

The Culture and Tourism Department of the People’s Republic of China released the lists of top tourist destinations across the country on May 19. The lists include “Top Rural Tourism Destinations” and “Top Experience Destinations” with netizens’ classic evaluations.

Per rankings, Yuan Village in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province has made it to the Top 10 Rural Tourism Destinations. Evaluation: The ancient Qinchuan is a flat stretch of land. The plain raised countless emperors and generals with valiant records. Tourists come to Yuan Village to learn about the cultural history and folk culture, thereby being acquainted with life in ancient times.

Moreover, the Old Site of Yan’an Revolutionary Memorial in Shaanxi Province has been ranked among Top 10 Experience Destinations. Evaluation: From Zaoyuan County to Pagoda Mountain and Yang Jia Ling to Wang Jia Ling, each section of the revolutionary past reinvigorates our souls and inspires us to respect.

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