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10 of the most influential scenic spots of Shaanxi Province has been announced

The Research on Influence Index of China Tourism 2018 that covers more than 100 tourist cities of the whole nation, evaluating more than 1,600 scenic spots, nearly 1,000 tourism enterprises by researching more than 5 million respondents -- 10 of the most influential scenic spots of Shaanxi Province has been announced on May 2, 2018. 

No. 1 Museum of the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang
Tourism influence index: 97.1

The Museum of the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang in Lintong District, Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province is a large scale of attendant tomb of the first feudal emperor Ying Zheng. The Museum is considered one of the world cultural heritages, and national important historical monuments under special preservation. The ruins museum is built based on the original site of the attendant tomb. The Qin terracotta pit was discovered in 1974, and opened to tourists at home and abroad in 1979. The discovery was considered the Eighth Wonder of World and Great Discovery in archaeological history in the 20th century.

No. 2 Mount Hua Scenic Area in Huayin City
Tourism influence index: 94.3

The main sceneries of Mount Hua Scenic Area are Mount Hua, Yuquan Yard and Xiyue Temple. Mount Hua is 5 kilometers away from Huayin City in the south. To its south is the main vein of Qinling Mountains, and it over Yellow River, Wei River and Luo River of the north. On the east there are Shanxi Province and Henan Province, Chang’an City is to the west. With about 120 kilometers to Xi’an, the provincial capital of Shaanxi Province, Mount Hua at an elevation of 2,154.9 meters is one of the Five Mountains of China, it was known as the most precipitous and strange mountain in worldwide for its high and steep to the clouds.

No. 3 Huaqing Hot Spring Scenic Spot in Xi’an City
Tourism influence index: 91.7

Huaqing Palace (Huaqing Hot Spring· Mount Li) which neighboring the Terracotta Warriors is about 30 kilometers east to Xi’an City. Emperors of Zhou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Han Dynasty, Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty built Palaces here. It is world-famous for its hot spring, allusion of War Signal Drama, love story about Emperor Ming of Tang and Lady Yang, Xi’an Incident. It is a landmark scenic spot of Tang Palace. The altitude of Mount Li is 1,302 meters. Hall of Nuwa (the Goddess who created human in Chinese myths and legends), Hall of Immortality, beacon towers, Remonstration Pavilion, Shiweng Temple, and Yuxian Bridge are located in Mount Li. The Sunset of Mount Li is one of the eight splendid sceneries of Chang'an.

No. 4 Huangdi Mausoleum Scenic Spot in Yan'an City
Tourism influence index: 86.5  

Huangdi Mausoleum is the tomb of Xuanyuan, primogenitor of Chinese nation. According to folklore, Emperor Huangdi became the immortal, so the Huangdi Mausoleum is a cenotaph. The tomb lies in Beiqiao Mountain, Huangling County; it is the first lot of important nation-level preservation units of cultural relics, it is known as the First Tomb of Worldwide. Huangdi Mausoleum was called Bridge Mausoleum in ancient times; it offers emperors and famous people place to do sacrifice in memorial of Huangdi.

No. 5 Great Wild Goose Pagoda • Tang Paradise Scenic Spots
Tourism influence index: 79.9  

The Great Wild Goose Pagoda is also called Daci'en Pagoda because of its location in Ci'en Temple, in the south of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. In 652, Xuan Zang directed the building of the Great Goose Pagoda in protection of script ures and statues of Buddha which taken from India along the Silk Road. The Tang Paradise locates to the southeast of the Great Wild Goose Pagoda, the Tang Paradise which was rebuilt by imitating the original royal garden of Tang Dynasty which ever lay in the south. It was the first theme park of royal garden that shows the features of Tang Dynasty in all aspects. 

No. 6 Famen Temple Scenic Spot in Baoji City
Tourism influence index: 77.4

Famen Temple Scenic Spot which locates in Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province is one of the national AAAAA level scenic spots. The spot which built on the base of Famen Temple covers about 1300-mu, it was designed by Mr. Li Zuyuan, famous master of architectural design in Taiwan (Mr. Li Zuyuan has designed many famous buildings such as Chung Tai Monastery, and the highest Skyscraper Taipei 101), the spot uphold Buddhist principles of high Tang Dynasty, has built Shanmen Square, Buddha Road, Famen Temple, Dagoba, images of Buddha, and garden sculptures there. By which showing the achievements of Buddhism in all aspects as philosophy, politics and art, it is also the reflection of splendid culture of the Chinese nation. 

No. 7 Taibai Mountain Scenic Spot in Baoji City
Tourism influence index: 72.2

Taibai Mountain is the main peak of Qinling Mountain Range which considered the geography and climate of the dividing for south China and north China, and watershed between Yellow River and Yangtze River. The geopark which named after the Taibai Mountain which covers 2,949 hectares is in Mei County, the park which contains 8 areas of more than 180 attractions is the highest altitude park with a range from 620 to 3,767 meters.

No. 8 Xi’an Ancient City Wall
Tourism influence index: 71.6

The Xi’an Ancient City Wall is also called Xi’an City Wall of Ming Dynasty, which considered the most preserved ancient city wall with the longest history of China. There are four gates of the City Wall, Changle Gate (the east gate), Yongning Gate (the south gate), Anding Gate (the west gate), and Anyuan Gate (the north gate), of which are original gate of the ancient city wall. It was announced as the first list of important nation-level preservation units of cultural relics in 1961.

No. 9 Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River
Tourism influence index: 69.8

The Hukou Waterfall is the largest yellow waterfall and the 2nd largest waterfall in China, it is so-called the Wonder of Yellow River. The upstream of the fall is reduced from 300 meters to about 20 to 30meters in width with a distance less than 500 meters. The water pours down from about 20 meters cliffs with a speed of 1,000 square meters per minute, draws a splendid scenery that the Yellow River collected by a pot.

No. 10 Jinsi Gorge Geopark in Shangluo City
Tourism influence index: 68.3

The five main scenic areas are Bailong Gorge (the north gorge), Heilong Gorge (the west gorge), Qinglong Gorge (the south gorge), Shiyan Village and Source of Danjiang River which consists of more than 100 attractions. The gorge with a total range of 20.5 kilometers in length and 10 kilometers depth is a rare and well-protected geological structure gorge. It was famous for its narrow, seclude, elegant and strange. The pristine ecosystem there is well protected with variety spices of animals and plants. 

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