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Xiyue Temple of Mt. Huashan

Xiyue Temple sits in Huayin of Shaanxi Province and is now a key cultural relic under state protection. This sacred place of Quanzhen School, a mainstream school of Taoism, worships Jin Tianwan, the God of Mt. Huashan. Firstly Jiling Temple built in the first year of the Yuanguang Period of the Western Han Dynasty (134 B.C.), the temple was relocated here in the Eastern Han Dynasty and then named Xiyue Temple. In the history, many emperors have made sacrifice here to the God of Mt. Huashan. The temple occupies 124,000 m2.

The temple features typical ancient architectural complex of palace and royal park styles. Its axis and the main peak of Mt. Huashan form a straight line. It shapes a rectangle facing south against the main peak of Mr. Huashan, and major buildings are line symmetrically along the axis running north to south. Outside walls (10 meters high) were built in the Ming Dynasty, and stretch 525 meters north to south and 225 meters east to west, with a perimeter of 1825 meters. It features an orderly multi-unit structure with inner city and outer city, an axis penetrating north to south, along with pavilions, halls, buildings, and lanes dotted intricately, a recognized masterpiece of classical architecture and art, as well as precious cultural legacy of China. 

Overall, it resembles the Forbidden City in Beijing, thus also known as “Forbidden City of Shaanxi”. At the same time, it is the biggest and best-known temple among all temples to worship the gods of the five scared mountains, including Mt.Taishan in the east, Mt. Huashan in the west, Mt. Hengshan in the south, Mt. Heng in the north, and Mt. Songshan in the center).

A grand temple fair to worship the god of mountain would be held in the third lunar month every year here.

How to Arrive: Free buses to the temple are available at Mt. Huashan Visitor Center, and it takes only 5 minutes. 

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