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The Society of American Travel Writers comes into Shaanxi: Shaanxi is really fantastic

From March 29, a delegation of senior travellers, travel writers, photographers, and bloggers from the Society of American Travel Writers started with Xi’an and traveled through Hanzhong, Yan’an, Yulin, Hancheng and other places in Shaanxi Province to visit Shaanxi tourist scenic spots featured by “Four Great Tourist Heights,” thus gaining a understanding of Shaanxi Province. 

The 16-people delegation spent 14 days visiting in close range and conducting field trips to 38 key scenic spots. 

What mountains, rivers, and beautiful sceneries did the Society of American Travel Writers delegation meet by chance? What did they see and hear? Let’s hear what they have felt: 

David Swanson is President of the Society of American Travel Writers, as well as a senior travel writer and photographer. David shared with us, “The thing that interested me the most during this trip was the contrast of the old and new photos, especially the contrast photos of the Xi’an City Wall, which helped me quickly experience the historical evolution of a city.”

Ann Bush has visited more than 40 countries. She said, “It was my ‘first trip to China.’ The most impressive thing was that everybody that I had met there was really warm-hearted, be they in the hotel or on the street. I was especially interested in the natural landscape. The magnificent of the Sightseeing Road along the Yellow River was really heart shaking. I also think that the museums that we had visited along the way were all very interesting. I am going to introduce everything that I have seen and experienced here to my friends, so that I can be their guide for my next trip to Shaanxi.”

Chad Case is an award-winning travel photographer. Chad said, “I have seen rich and loud colors during the entire trip, but the stories outside the cameras were the most colorful. I like history very much. Every brick that I touched in Yulin made me feel like touching living history. The beauty, strangeness, and magnificence of Mount Hua really made people want to stay. I will come back to visit it again.”

Debi Lander is a travel writer and photographer specializing culture, historical relics, gourmet food, and lifestyle. Debi said, “I really like the Wave Valley in Yulin, but I like Terra-Cotta Warriors the most. The historical drama The Everlasting Regret is by far the most touching live performance with the best artistic effects, the most attention to lighting design and clothing, and the most dynamic stage, which I have ever seen.”

For a very long time, Stan Wawer was an editor of San Gabriel Valley Tribune Group. He is also a freelance travel writer. Stan expressed, “I have been to China many times, but this trip to Shaanxi had the most impressive on me. I have a lot of stories to tell about this trip and I have seen countless beautiful scenes. All these wonderful memories need sharing and spreading.”

Judy Wells is a writer, blogger, and photographer. Judy shared with us, “I was very interested in the long history, the classic music, and the flourishing Tang Dynasty exhibited in museums in Shaanxi. In my travelogue, I am going to show my friends in the U.S. what I saw and heard during the trip. This is an amazing place. If you want to experience and visit what a VIP feels like in China, you must definitely come and visit Shaanxi. Only when you come to Shaanxi can you experience more colorful and richer history and culture.”

Deng Jinning is a senior traveler and photographer. He is also Deputy General Manager of Springtour Branch Office in the U.S. When he first heard about the opening of the Sightseeing Road along the Yellow River abroad, he was really excited. That was when he would like to come back home and take a look at it. This trip to Shaanxi helped him discover more tourist resources, like how to help foreign tourists appreciate more beautiful sceneries in Shaanxi after they visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors. Deng Jinning said, “To interpret the trip to Shaanxi, we will re-plan and package the tourism product named “China Tour,” promote Shaanxi, and attract more people to come to experience and visit Shaanxi.”

Catherine “Kiki” is a freelance and art designer. She was embraced by the warmth of the Shaanxi people when she first visited here. She experienced Ansai Paper Cutting and Yulin Yangko Dance. Since she is an art lover, she fell in love with everything and everybody related to art. She also showed everyone on site “喜” (Chinese character meaning “happiness”) character that she had cut. 

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