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Large-scale Buddhist culture interactive experiential show The Past of Famen 2.0 premieres in Famen Temple Buddhist Culture Scenic Area

On April 3, the premiere ceremony of large-scale Buddhist culture interactive experiential show The Past of Famen 2.0 was held in North Hall of Dagoba in Famen Temple Buddhist Culture Scenic Area.

Based on the stories of a few persons sacrificing themselves to protect Buddha's phalanx relic in different historical periods, The Past of Famen dramatically brings alive the history of the world's only remaining Buddha's phalanx relic going through thousands of years and the longstanding development of Buddhist culture in China. Since its premiere in January 2017, 327 shows have been staged and attracted more than 70,000 viewers. It has been unanimously praised by domestic and foreign tourists for its historical background, attractive plot, the form of "walking and watching", as well as modern special effects including 3D projection, VR, and sound, light and electricity.

The Past of Famen 2.0 is a full upgrade of the previous edition. For example, the "Welcoming Ceremony" was added to immerse viewers in a solemn atmosphere through music, rite, water purification and other sessions of the ceremony.

Famen Temple is the world's only place enshrining the phalanx relic of Sakyamuni Buddha. Constructed in the period of Emperor Huan and Emperor Ling of the Han Dynasty, it has a history of nearly 1,800 years. It was the most renowned royal temple in ancient China, as well as a distinctive node in the Silk Road Economic Belt.

Every year people stream into Famen Temple for worship, pray, Buddhism exploration and travel. Chinese General Secretary and President Xi Jinping sang the praises of the cultural relics and treasure unearthed in the underground palace of Famen Temple in an important speech at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris. "We should comprehend and liven up the humanism in it," said him.

The 2018 season of The Past of Famen 2.0 will open on April 4.

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