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Huashan Mountain Geological Park becomes a national geo-park

The Huashan Mountain Geological Park in Shaanxi Province is a large mountain geo-park centered on Huashan Mountain and combines the peculiar, steep, high and gorgeous natural geological heritage landscape with cultural attractions that reflect the characteristics of China’s cultural origin. It is located within Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, with an elevation of 335-2,154.9m and a total area of 159.28km2, among which the main scenic spot has an area of about 135km2. It was listed by the Ministry of Land and Resources among the eighth national geo-parks in February, 2018.

The geo-park is rich in geological relics, including six major categories, 12 categories, 17 subcategories, and 39 types. Among those, there are more than 10 world-class or national geological relics such as the Huashan type granite, the Archean Taihua metamorphic rock series, the Mesozoic Yanshan period Huashan granite, and the Huashan piedmont fracture and so on.

With increasingly complete infrastructure and service functions, effective safeguard measures, well-preserved geological relics and landscape protection, and increasingly rising popularity and reputation, Huashan Mountain Geological Park has become one of the hot destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Huashan Mountain Geological Park is listed among the eighth national geo-parks.

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