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"Spring Festival in Xi'an · most China" infinite splendidness in Da Tang Ever-bright City

Xi'an has sent an invitation to the world in 2018: "Come to Xi'an to experience the Chinese New Year."

In Xi'an during the Spring Festival, an unprecedentedly prosperous modern street of Tang Dynasty showed off in front of tourists.

"Modern Street of Tang Dynasty" is the core area of the activity of "Spring Festival in Xi'an · most China". Taking the Da Tang Ever-bright City at the foot of the world famous Dayan Pagoda in New District of Qujiang , Xi'an as the carrier, with the oldest, most grand and cohesive traditional festival of the Chinese nation - Spring Festival as an opportunity, to let citizens and tourists from home and abroad experience the charm of the ancient capital of Xi'an through performances, parades, food and markets.

During the 2018"Spring Festival in Xi'an · most China" activity, Da Tang Everbright City in the"Modern Street of Tang Dynasty" opened on February 16 (Lunar New Year's Day). This activity lasted until March 3 (the 16th day of the first lunar month).

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