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"Spring Festival in Xi'an · quintessentially Chinese" Foreign tourists "Celebrate Chinese New Year" in Shannxi

Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) has become the highlight of the inbound tour to Shaanxi in 2018. On the 3rd day of the first lunar month (February 18), more than 200 foreign friends from the United States, Britain, France, Australia, South Korea and other countries boarded Xi'an City Wall to feel the unique festival flavor of this ancient capital of 13 dynasties in the history of China. During the Spring Festival, Terracotta Warriors and Huaqing Palace hosted more than 3,000 foreign tourists; Yuanjia Village also attracted about 300 foreign tourists to feel the rural atmosphere of Spring Festival. More than 20 foreign tourists came to Xiaocheng Village in Yanchuan County to experience the feeling of "Celebrating Chinese New Year in Caves", Shaanxi tourism goes further towards the world by leveraging the activities of Chinese New Year celebration.

Shaanxi Province launched the "Spring Festival in Xi'an· quintessentially Chinese" series of activities, Mr. Francesco Frangialli, the Honorary Secretary General of the UN World Tourism Organization and many other international friends sent special messages of congratulation. During the Spring Festival, Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum Site Museum, Huaqing Palace, Famen Temple and other major scenic spots received a large number of international tourists. On February 18, more than 200 foreign friends from the United States, Britain, France, Australia, South Korea and other countries were invited to visit Xi’an City Wall and watch the traditional Spring Festival custom shows with thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists. John, a British tourist said in Chinese: "I'm so lucky to travel in Xi'an during the Spring Festival. Chinese New Year is so beautiful! I love China."

In Da Ci'en Temple, the foreign tour groups coming one after another exchange New Year's greeting with the Chinese tourists who pass by while listening to the legends of Master Xuanzang who went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist script ures, translated Buddhist script ures and propagated Buddhadharma more than a thousand years ago. John, a tourist from Britain told reporters in slightly awkward Chinese, "I'm so lucky to travel in Xi'an during the Spring Festival; Chinese New Year is so beautiful! I love China, and I particularly love Xi'an's Spring Festival."

As a messenger of cultural exchange of Central Asia, Armenia's Presidential Adviser and Dean of the Confucius Institute, Gor Sargsyan, praised the traditional cultural expressions of Shaanxi's Spring Festival this year. In December last year, he visited Shaanxi and experienced the charm of the Terracotta Warriors and the Ancient City Wall. On the eve of the Spring Festival, through his communication circles and numerous media during his visit, he was very excited to see the information about a series of exciting activities in Shaanxi during this Chinese New Year. He solemnly put on his Tang suit and recorded a video of New Year's songs and dances and sent to Northwest Tourism Culture Research Institute and Shaanxi's tourism-related websites, to wish Shaanxi and Chinese friends a joyous Year of Dog and good luck! He said Shaanxi had left a very deep impression on him and hoped to contribute his share to the cause of tourism in Central Asia through more exchanges and interactions.

In order to make the tourism banquet of 2018 Spring Festival a unique shaanxi flavor, Chinese style and international norm, before the Spring Festival, Shaanxi Provincial Government Delegation went to United Kingdom and Malaysia to promote Shannxi, and associated with many countries and relevant regional agencies to set up a "window of tourism in Shaanxi Province" to spread the latest information about Shaanxi tourism culture throughout the international market. In the meantime, the success of the 2017 Xi'an International Silk Road Travel Fair, as well as more than 50 precision-based promotion events in 13 countries including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Malaysia, widely publicized "Culture Shaanxi" to major tourist countries and preheated the international market. Moreover, as a brilliant business card for Shaanxi tourism, plenty of colorful Spring Festival custom activities throughout the province have sent invitations to international tourists through mainstream media such as CCTV.

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