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Must-visited attraction in Yellow River tourism belt-Red Rock Canyon

Located in Yuxi River Valley at the foot of Red Mountain, the mouth of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, about 5 kilometers north of downtown Yulin, Red Rock Canyon is also known as "Xiongshi Canyon" locally. It is named Red Rock Canyon because of red rocks in the mountain. The canyon is blessed with fancy hills and clear waters, forests of grottoes and temples, as well as Shaanxi's largest stone inscription cluster.

Stone inscriptions in the canyon, divided into the east part and the west part, were mostly left from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Though they are not old enough, but many of them are valued pieces of celebrities. There are more than 80 inscriptions on the east cliff of the canyon, most were carved during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, and renowned ones include "Yuxi Resort" by Zuo Zongtang and "Return Us Our Country" by Ma Zhanshan; there are more than 30 inscriptions on the west cliff, some are intaglio-relievo inscriptions, and one inscription in Mongolian script is famous. 

The earliest relics in the canyon are temples and grottoes carved in the Song and Yuan dynasties. Of the existing grottoes, well-preserved Grotto 4 and Grotto 6 are worth viewing.

You will feel cool if you come to the grottoes in summer, and you can walk from here to Heaven Gate leading to the cliff top and to Earth Gate leading to the water front in the canyon. The film Ashes of Time was shot here in the canyon. Dusk is the best time to be here when the canyon is poetic in sunset glow.

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