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11 AAAA tourism areas added to Shaanxi

Having been up to the standards of national AAAA tourism areas, 11 tourism areas in Shaanxi Province have recently been approved as national AAAA tourism areas:

They are:

Bailuyuan Studios Scenic Area: Located in Lantian County, Xi'an, Bailuyuan Studios Scenic Area is the first tourist destination themed film & television experience, cultural tourism and happy leisure in Shaanxi.

Baoji Jintai Temple Taoism Culture Scenic Area: Jintai Temple is the top of three Taoist temples (Jintai Temple, Yintai Temple, Yutai Temple). It broke ground in the last years of the Song Dynasty, and took shape at the end of the Yuan Dynasty and at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty. It is a cave-style ancient Taoist complex with national features. Taoist master Zhang Sanfeng cultivated himself here for 50 or 60 years.

Xianyang Zhengguo Canal Scenic Area: Zhengguo Canal was built in 246 BC, and its completion laid an economic foundation for the prosperity of Qin State and the unification of China. Now it is a scenic area integrating the functions of history and culture, sightseeing and holiday. It was built on ancient water conservancy culture, Qin culture and Jing River culture.

Xianyang Yunji Eco-park Scenic Area: Yunji Eco-park Scenic Area is a leisure and sightseeing resort integrating the functions of natural landscape, folk customs, academy culture and modern agriculture.

Weinan Grape Industrial Park Scenic Area: Weinan Grape Industrial Park Scenic Area is a renowned grape landscape area in China, as well as the best leisure destination in a central city.

Weinan Lin'gao Slow City Scenic Area: Located in Lin'gao Township, Baishui County, Weinan, Lin'gao Slow City Scenic Area aims to be western China's number one international slow city.

Yan'an Huanglong Mountain Scenic Area: Yan'an Huanglong Mountain Scenic Area has attractions including Lianyun Temple in Wuliang Mountain, Huanglong Stone Inscription Corridor in Wuliang Mountain, 6.2-kilometer Natural Air Anion Bar (Footpath), etc.

Yulin Heilongtan Scenic Area: Yulin Heilongtan Scenic Area is in a deep and secluded valley with nine connected pools known as Nine Dragons Pool. It acquired its current name from Heilong Hall built during the Zhengde period (1506-1521) of the Ming Dynasty.

Hanzhong Foping Panda Valley Scenic Area: Located in Qinling Panda Corridor and Guanyin Mountain Nature Reserve, Hanzhong Foping Panda Valley Scenic Area is rich in rare wild animals and plants. Pandas, primeval forests, strange mountains and waters rare animals and plants are "four wonders" of the scenic area.

Ankang Hanjiang Shiquan Ancient Town Scenic Area: With a history of more than 1,460 years, located in Shiquan County, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, Shiquan Ancient Town acquired its current name in the first year during the reign of Emperor Fei of the Western Wei Dynasty (552). The ancient block in the core area, 1,000 meters in length, has renowned Ming and Qing ancient buildings including East City Gate, West City Gate, Yuwang Palace and Jiangxi Club.

Shangluo Jintai Mountain Culture Tourism Scenic Area: With a total planned area of 707 hectares, Shangluo Jintaishan Cultural Tourism Scenic Area includes Jintai Secret Etiquette Zone, Zen Town Zone, Natural Landscape Zone, Characteristic Business Zone, Cultural Performance Zone and Folk Custom Experience Zone.

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