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Hukou Falls of Yellow River – Must-visit scenic area in the Yellow River Tourism Belt

The Yellow River Tourism Belt is one of the four important tourism regions that have been the focus of development by the Shaanxi government. The government plans to build an international cultural tourism center in the region, which covers over 50 scenic spots, crossing through the western bank of Yellow River in Shanxi, Weinan, Yan'an and Yulin. 

Hukou Falls of Yellow River is a national-level tourist attraction. It is the second largest waterfall in China and the largest “yellow waterfall” in the world. Yellow River flows to Hukou, where it is embraced by high mountains from both sides. Funneling through these towering mountains, the river converges into one gushing beam of water that falls into the valley like a yellowish broth boiling in a huge pot. During summers when the water flow is high, this waterfall presents a magnanimously elegant picture, while in winters; it changes to a unique “icefall”. Moreover, the scenic area around Hukou Falls, integrating Yellow River Valleys, Loess Plateau and Ancient Tableland Village as a whole, houses magnificent and beautiful natural landscapes and rich historical culture.

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