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Ten Thousand Mus of Rape Flowers, Pear Flowers, and Peach Flowers All Blossoming Together Bid You A Welcome to Shaanxi

“China’s Most Beautiful Sea of Rape Flowers - the 2017 Hanzhong Tourist Culture Festival & the 9th Yangxian Pear Flower Festival” is to be opened on the 23rd of March when 120,000 mus of rape flowers and ten thousand mus of pear flowers will welcome their full blossom period along with ten thousand mus of peony flowers. A trip to Shaanxi at this time of the year for the experience of the charm in the simultaneous blossom of the rape flowers, pear flowers, and peach flowers has become a first choice to many tourists.

From mid March to late April, the main venue in Yangxian will present a series of “rape flower-themed” cultural tourism activities successively, including the International Bird Watching Festival, the Guangguang Opera, the Art of Xuan Tai Zao Huo, and other exhibitions and performances full of Yangxian characteristics, the 1st Local Specialty Dishes Festival, the Hot-air Balloon tour called “Up in the Air,” from which tourists can overlook the golden sea of flowers from the manned helicopters, etc.

The flowering season of pear flowers and rape flowers lasts 10 to 15 days. An outing in Spring to Yangxian between mid March and late April will offer you a chance to admire pear flowers and rape flowers, as well as the “Golden Sea and Snowy Mountain” at the same time. In this year’s celebration, the dance drama promoting the title animals Crested Ibises will also be staged on March 19th at the Sofitel People’s Theater in Xi’an. 

This is the 7th China’s Most Beautiful Sea of Rape Flowers - The Hanzhong Tourist Culture Festival in seven years, which has already become one of the Top Ten Flower Festivals & Fairs in China.

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