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Go skiing in Zhaojin of Shaanxi in winter

Zhaojin International Ski Resort is a large outdoor skiing base in Shaanxi. Located in Zhaojin Town of Tongchuan City in Shaanxi (close to Zhaojin Pasture), the ski resort covers about 1,000 mu. The total area of man-made snow reaches up to 150,000 square meters. It is divided into four parts, namely core skiing zone, ice and snow entertainment zone, leisure and service zone, and supporting facilities. 

The snow pack has 8 ski slopes, with 3 advanced lanes, 1 medium-level lane, 1 exercise lane, 1 snow circle lane, and 2 entry-level lanes. The total length of snow lanes is 5,000 meters. The transport system is designed with 5 magic carpets and 1 cable railway. 

In January 2016, the 1st Zhaojin International Ski Open Tournament was held here.  Nearly 100 competitors from 9 countries joined the competition. 

Direct transport to Zhaojin International Ski Resort:
Starting place: Xi’an Municipal Sports Park, take Subway Line 2 to get off at the “Administrative Center” Station, Exit A2 and walk 200 meters to the north. 

Departure: 8:00 am (every day), 16:00 back from the ski resort. 

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