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Xi’an witnessed agrand coming of age ceremony

On April 29, Xi’an Hancheng Lake National AAAA Tourist Attraction witnessed its annual adulthood ceremony where nearly 1,000 Grade 10 students from Qing’an High School attended the ceremony.

China has always been known as a land of propriety and righteousness, and “coming of age” ceremony is an important cultural legacy for the nation. The capping or hair-pinning ceremony from the Han Dynasty marked a starting point of Chinese etiquette and culture. At the genuine ceremony, students in traditional Han-style clothes go through solemn rituals including “capping or hair-pinning”, “paying tribute to teachers”, “making a vow”, and “listening to a speech from teachers”. The ceremony gave them a glimpse of Han culture and adult responsibility and allowed them to change their role from a child to an adult.

Every year Hancheng Lake will launch a series of activities to promote Han culture, including educational and tourist activities like study tour and group tour.

Built on the site of Chang’an of the Han Dynasty, Xi’an Hancheng Lake National AAAA Tourist Attraction has developed into a tourist attraction where you can experience Han culture in its seven zones (Sacrifice to Heaven, Bacheng City, Hanqiao Water Town, Jiao Lou Die Cui, Fu’ang Gate, Water Bay, Anmen Gate).

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