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Shaanxi's first ice and snow tourism season starts

On January 15, 2018, the opening ceremony for the First Ice and Snow Tourism Season of Shaanxi and the First Ice and Snow Tourism Conference of Taibai County was held at Aoshan Ski Resort in Taibai County, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province.

The First Ice and Snow Tourism Season of Shaanxi lasts from January 15 until March 20, 2018.

Aoshan Ski Resort in Taibai County is situated in Tangkou Village, Jutou Town, Taibai County, and is a facility designed with both professional athletes and amateur vacationers in mind which boasts the largest scale and conformity to the highest standards in northwest China and the distinction of being second to none in Asia. Aoshan Ski Resort, which has opened for business immediately after its early stages of construction, has 28 low-, middle-, and high-level ski runs, which have a total length of 31 kilometers, and 18.2 kilometers of cableway.

Aoshan Ski Resort employs a TechnoAlpin snowmaking system imported from Italy, which can satisfy the snowmaking needs of the facility at its current stage of development; several first-class imported cableway lines, along with the trains of cable cars moving along them, guarantee rapid delivery of the tourists to their desired ski runs while allowing them to enjoy beautiful views of Aoshan.

How to get to Aoshan Ski Resort:

By car: Start from Xi'an, take Lianhuo Highway, get off the highway at Mei County, and reach Taibai Aoshan Ski Resort by way of Meitai Highway. The total distance is 180 kilometers;

By bus: Take the bus at Pacific Cafe near Lvrui Shopping Mall at the east gate of Shaanxi Provincial Stadium in Xi'an, and it will take you directly to Aoshan Ski Resort.