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Evening of the winter solstice: Foreign students in Shaanxi share stories of travel

On December 22, China's winter solstice, more than 80 foreign students gathered at a restaurant in Xi'an, to spend the festival, eat dumplings and share their stories of travel.

Chen Mengyu, Deputy Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission attended the gathering, introduced the tradition of eating dumplings in the winter solstice, and invited the foreign students to eat dumplings and experience the Chinese traditional culture. He hoped that they would introduce Shaanxi to their relatives and friends to attract them to travel in Shaanxi.

The foreign students who joined the Discovery of Shaanxi program shared their experiences in Hancheng, Tongchuan and Baoji. Visa, a student from Albania, joined the trip of Hancheng. "Compared to natural landscape, I am more interested in history and culture. Hancheng is the first place where I have traveled outside Xi'an, it is a place of historic and cultural interest with the Ancestral Hall of Sima Qian and Dangjia Village. If you are interested in history and culture, you must go to Hancheng," said him.

"I previously joined a trip of Tongchuan and I like Chenlu Ancient Town very much. After listening to the stories of travel in Hancheng, I want to see the ancient buildings in Dangjia Village and China's ancient family instructions there, I must be there," said Usma, a foreign student at Northwestern Polytechnical University.

Ma Jie, a student from Poland asked for the microphone from the host excitedly. "Today's stories are great. I made a lot of friends and ate dumplings. Though I previously heard of the tradition of the winter solstice, I don't know why to eat dumplings in the festival and have not spent it, but I know the reason today. I really appreciate such a wonderful night," said him.

Dumpling, also known as boiled dumping, is boiled food consisting of pieces of dough wrapped around a filling. Invented by Zhang Zhongjing known as the Chinese medical sage, with a history of more than 1,800 years, it is a popular traditional food in China. Every winter solstice, it is indispensable food for all Chinese people whether they are rich or poor.

It is advised that all foreign tourists in China, especially in northern China should eat dumplings.