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Canada "Cultural Shaanxi" tourism promotion warms up "China-Canada Year of Tourism"

Canada "Cultural Shaanxi" Tourism Promotion was held in Xi'an on November 29. Jim Karygiannis, Member of the Toronto City Council; Tony Luk, President of the Canada-China Association for the Promotion of International Trade; Gao Zhongyin, Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Administration and media representatives were present.

Shaanxi is the starting point of the Silk Road and the hometown of terra-cotta warriors, said Gao in his address. It boasts profound historical culture and rich tourism remains. Consensus is being built on "Knowing China Starts from Knowing Shaanxi", and millions of inbound tourists travel in Shaanxi every year.

2018 is the "China-Canada Year of Tourism" determined by the Chinese government and the Canadian government. As the starting point of the Silk Road, Shaanxi is building a world top cultural tourism center. It will continue to launch fine tourism routes and products, release mutually-beneficial tourism policies and create favorable tourism environment.

Karygiannis said that he has visited Xi'an six times, as the starting point of the Silk Road and the hometown of terra-cotta warriors, Xi'an has impressed him deeply by its old cultural heritage and economic, social and cultural development.

Shalyn Sulkye from Canada said she was shocked by Shaanxi's terra-cotta warriors. Before the visit, she knew little about terra-cotta warriors. She believed that the visit would promote the regional cultural exchange between China and Canada and Canadians would be interested in the world wonder, adding that she would tell her friends about her travel in Shaanxi.

The Canadian delegation of more than 50 members including government staff, athletes and entrepreneurs visited Xi'an from November 27 to 29.

Canada is a key source of inbound tourists for Shaanxi. By September 2017, 75,600 Canadian tourists had visited Shaanxi.