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Eight 4A National Tourist Scenic Spots Added in Shaanxi Province

As assessed by the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Department, eight scenic spots including Baoji Jiulong Mountain Scenic Spot (located in Pingtou Town, Chencang District, Baoji City), Xianyang Jutou Leisure Area (located in Shiqiao Town, Chunhua County, Xianyang City), Weinan Qiaoling Scenic Spot (located in Pucheng County, Weinan City), Hanzhong Liuba Path along the Cliff Water World (located in Wuguanyi Town, Liuba County, Hanzhong City), Ankang High-tech Qinba Cultural Ecotourism Zone (located in Ankang High-tech Zone), Shangluo Jiutian Mountain Scenic spot (located in Xialiang Town, Zhashui County, Shangluo City), Shangluo Luonan Music Town (located in Zhaonanggou, Luonan County, Shangluo City), and Hancheng Liangdai Village Rui Kingdom Site Museum (located in Zancun Town, Hancheng City) have been identified as 4A National Tourist Attractions.