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Xi'an International Marathon becomes another attractive business card

The 2018 Xi'an International Marathon started off on October 20 at the South Gate Square. A total of 30,000 contestants from 30 countries and regions took part in the race. 

From the South Gate to the Clock Tower and the Drum Tower, from the Small Wild Goose Pagoda to the Shaanxi History Museum and the Great Wild Goose Pagoda, from the Qujiang Lake Archaeological Site Park to the Tang Paradise and the Cold Kiln, and finally from Changle Gate to Daming Palace, the 2018 Xi'an International Marathon almost incorporates the city's most representative places of interest and scenic spots. 

At the beginning, along the line and at the end of the track, there are magnificent Tang-style procession, passionate cheerleading dance, high-spirited Qin Opera and rock rap. There are 23 cultural supply spots along the 42.195 km track, and 33 meaningful and wonderful cultural performances. 

Xi'an Marathon will become a first-class international boutique event, and will also become another charming business card to attract tourists in Xi'an.