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Shaanxi's Bailucang Scenic Spot and Shilang Lake Scenic Spot approved as national AAAA tourist attractions

The Bailuyuan Bailucang Scenic Spot in Xi'an City and the Shilang Lake Scenic Spot in Xianyang City have reached the standard set for scenic sports with the national AAAA rating, and therefore have been approved as national AAAA scenic spots.

The Bailuyuan Bailucang Scenic Spot is situated in the famous Bailu Plain in ancient Xi'an. The scenic spot is composed of such attractions as Bailucang, the Aviators' Campground, the Hot Spring Motor Home Campground, and the "Sports Experience Campground." The scenic spot integrates folk architecture of all sorts, including that from North Shaanxi, Central Shaanxi, and South Shaanxi. Bailucang offers delicious foods, special experiences, and folk culture performances, while the Aviators' Campground, the Chinese mainland's first facility to provide a 365-day free ballooning experience, serves as the scenic spot's core. 

Situated at Niubei Village, Didian Town, Bin County, the Shilang Lake Scenic Spot is home to Shaanxi Province's largest freshwater lake, which is quite unique in two ways: first, its water level remains unchanged whether there is a lot of precipitation or not; second, there are no fallen leaves to be seen in the summer or autumn, because there are no fallen leaves floating on the surface of the water all year round although the lake is surrounded on all sides by mountains on which luxuriant trees grow.