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Sino French Tourism Forum: Xi'an Should Speed up the Construction of an International Tourism Center!

In September 18th, the third Sino French Cultural Forum "Sino French Tourism Forum" was held in Xi'an,and Xi'an became the third city hosting Sino French Cultural Forum after Beijing and Lyon. Nearly 100 people participated the forum including officials from both local governments, French embassies in China, and the Chinese Tourism Administration departments, experts, scholars, and top executives of famous enterprises from both countries discussing and exchanging their views on cultural tourism.

Gao Zhongyin, director of Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee, made a speech subjecting "Keeping cultural self-confidence, and developing exchanges and cooperation to build Xi'an International Tourism center".

Xi Jinping, the Chairman of PRC, took views of Shaanxi culture and tourism said " Shaanxi is a province with deep culture, and we should make good and full use of its cultural resources for development."

Shaanxi culture is a Chinese top and provides the province enough external market influence, attraction and competitiveness. Shaanxi culture features and highlights. the tourism of Shaanxi. Tourism is a high-level public platform, always taking important roles in culture spreading and exchanging, and the tourism internationalization of a city shows an important sign of its tourism development.

Xi'an aims to becoming a famous international tourism resort with international standards, Chinese style and Shaanxi flavor, being a famous international tourism center, better carrying and spreading cultures.

With a tourism history of over 100 years, French tourism industry has already highly developed, continuously ranking NO.1 country that tourists want to go, and a lot of experiences during French tourism development could be shared with Xi'an.

France and Xi'an got cooperation relationships, mainly originating from the exchange of visits between the two heads of state and the historical culture blending between China and France, three former French presidents Mitterrand, Chirac and Sarkozy all have visited Xi'an at least one time. On January 8th, 2018, French President Mark Long arrived in Xi'an, formally starting a state visit to China.

Data show that the direct flight from Xi'an to Paris started in September 2014, has transported 240,000 passengers, with a seating rate of 80%. By 2017, Xi'an had received 45 thousand tourists from French , and by January to July, 2018, Xi'an had received 25 thousand tourists from French.