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Selection of "50 Attractions along the Yellow River" to start

The Yellow River is China's mother river. Natural attractions stretching over 5,000 kilometers and colorful folk customs along the river constitute a tourism corridor favored by tourists.

To provide a tour guide to domestic and foreign tourists, the online selection of "50 Attractions along the Yellow River" will start on September 1. Through online voting and expert reviews, 50 attractions along the Yellow River will be selected. Results will be unveiled and plaques will be awarded at 2018 China Yellow River Tourism Conference on September 12.

The Yellow River Tourism Belt is one of the "four major tourism highlands" built by Shaanxi. In the belt are famous attractions like Mount Hua, Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor, Red Rock Canyon, Baiyun Mountain, Yan'an, Dang Village, Fuping Pottery Art Village, Hukou Waterfalls of the Yellow River, Qiankun Bay and Jingbian Wave Valley.