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Building Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub to Provide Strong Momentum for the Development of "Three Economies"

From July 18 to 19, 2018, the three major events, namely "All-Media Joint Conference on Global Tourism", "Global Conference on China’s Inbound Tourism Hub Construction in Beijing, Shanghai and Shaanxi ", and "Global Recommendations on Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub Construction and Seminar on Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub Construction", were held successively in Xi'an, which have aroused widespread concerns from domestic and international tourism industries and the news media. 

Shaanxi is currently vigorously developing hub economy, portal economy, and mobile economy (referred to as the “Three Economies”), and constructing a new pattern of opening up to the outside world with linkage between land and air, inside and outside, and mutual cooperation between the east and the west. As one of the three hubs of China's inbound tourism, “Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub Construction” has become an important way for tourism industry to help the development of the “Three Economies”.

Among the "three major events", experts and scholars in the field of cultural tourism at home and abroad highly praised the construction of Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub and put forward their suggestions and hopes.

Gao Zhongyin, Director of Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission: 

Tourism is a high-energy open platform. The level of internationalization is an important indicator of the development of tourism industry. A world-class tourism city is also an international tourism hub, and the tourism hub has become the key to the sustainable development of tourism.

We shall rely on Xi'an to build a national central city, accelerate the construction of an international tourism hub, and lead the construction of the “four major tourist highlands”, such as the tourist corridor with the Silk Road as the starting point, the Qinling humanistic eco-tourism holiday circle, the Yellow River tourist belt, and the attractions of red tourism series, to drive the cultivation of the tourism industry with the estimated value of trillions of dollars, and provide strong momentum for the development of “Three Economies” in Shaanxi. 

Chen Ping, Global Vice President and Chairperson of International Organization of Folk Art (IOV) China

Shaanxi (Xi'an) is the starting point of the Silk Road, an important birthplace of the Chinese civilization, and also a world-renowned province of underground and above-ground cultural relics. What's more, it has a rich and colorful folk culture and folk arts and has accumulated a profound cultural heritage.

The construction of Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub can be exerted in building a cultural tourism brand with world influence. For example, establishing an International Folk Art Expo Park, organizing international folk culture and art festivals, building an experiential folk town similar to the collection of Chinese culture, setting up “Creative Shaanxi” international awards, and so on.

Wei Xiao'an, Director of the National Technical Committee on Leisure of Standardization Administration and Chief Expert of the World Tourism Cities Federation:

Shaanxi has fully met the conditions for building an international tourism hub: first, the transportation hub has been formed, with expanded airports, increased international shipping, high-speed trains going everywhere, expressways distributed all over western area and smooth traffic; the second is the formation of urban hubs, as a result, Xi'an is developing rapidly, the city scale is expanded, the industrial structure is improving day by day, and the construction of the new district is in full swing; the third lies in the formation of cultural hubs, the integration of history and modernity, the combination of culture and tourism, the continuous landing of large projects; fourth, the formation of an information hub, which is a deep improvement of infrastructure. 

It is suggested that the construction of Shaanxi International Tourism Hub should promote tourism internationalization with an open atmosphere.

Bao Jigang, member of the Expert Committee of the United Nations World Tourism Organization and Dean of the School of Tourism, Sun Yat-sen University:

Shaanxi has possessed a complete attraction system and the core elements for world-class tourism, namely global-level attraction -- Xi'an, national-level attraction -- Yan'an, regional-level attraction -- Ankang and Hanzhong. Therefore, the construction of Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub will serve as a medium for better exporting tourism elements of Shaanxi. 

Enhancing the status of urban functions is the key to promoting the construction of Xi'an international tourism hub. Shaanxi shall take the international tourism hub construction as an opportunity to benchmark international developed cities, strengthen urban public service facilities, upgrade urban supporting functions, and do a good job in providing basic conditions for the construction of an international tourism hub.

Zhang Hui, Director of Tourism Department of Beijing Jiaotong University and Vice President of Beijing Tourism Association:

Shaanxi (Xi'an) is the starting point of the Silk Road, one of the key cities along the “Belt and Road”, and the perfect connection point between China and the West. The Qinling Mountains, the Yellow River, the Hanjiang River, and the rich history and folk culture gathered in the Sanqin land, forming a cultural highland, natural highland and territory highland. As the birthplace of the Chinese nation and the world civilization, Shaanxi (Xi'an) shall take up the responsibility of building an international tourism and cultural hub and make its due contribution to creating an international first-class tourism and cultural center. 

Song Rui, Director of the Tourism Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences:

Shaanxi (Xi'an) is the vanguard of China's inbound tourism and has played an important role in attracting foreign tourists. Terracotta Warriors, Huaqing Pool, Forest of Steles, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi History Museum, Tangle Palace and countless historical sites attract a wide range of people from all over the world, including head of state to ordinary tourists. In recent years, Shaanxi has developed new tourism products such as the Everlasting Regret and Tang Paradise, and has made great progress in urban environment and outbound marketing. The inbound tourism has maintained a relatively high growth rate.

The construction of Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub needs to start from improving the international level of central city construction, optimizing the sales channels of tourism products, realizing the elaboration and internationalization of tourism services, to achieve “going out” of tourism marketing, to tell the story of Shaanxi in global languages and make foreigners to tell the story of Shaanxi.

Zhao Jing, Deputy Researcher of the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, and Director of the Office of People-to-People 

The direction of Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub construction: The tourism industry shall not only highlight its characteristics but also give consideration to other elements in top-level design, and establish a tourism image suitable for a city of international tourism hub. Xi'an has a good tourism environment and comprehensive infrastructure, but compared with important hub cities in developed countries, there is still a need for a great improvement in tourism soft construction. The number of European and American routes shall be increased in hub airports to increase the throughput capacity for international tourists from European and American area, and promote the construction of an international tourism and transportation hub.

Tao Liming, Senior Research Fellow of Institute of China's Economic Reform and Development, Renmin University of China

The launch of the global advancing and suggesting activity for Shaanxi international tourism hub construction will greatly help to enhance the international influence of Shaanxi tourism. In the process of continuous construction of the hub in the future, we hope to maintain the spirit of catching up and surpassing, accept all suggestions widely and continuously introduce high-quality tourism products with good experience and service, so that the experience of tourists and word-of-mouth effect will become the active source of communication and influence; we shall give full play to the unlimited potential of new online media, especially social media, and use the language and discourse system that foreigners can understand to initiate and attract more “foreigners” to take the initiative to tell the stories of Shaanxi, spread Shaanxi voices, promote Chinese culture, and help overseas travel agencies to be familiar with the high-quality tourism products in Shaanxi and introduce the quality tourism projects of Shaanxi to overseas tourists.

Ma Yaofeng, Member of China Tourism Reform and Development Advisory Committee and Professor of School of Geographical Science and Tourism, Shaanxi Normal University

The construction of Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub must rely on Xi'an international metropolis, international aviation hub, national railway hub, national highway hub and Xi'an global network hub. From the perspective of Xi'an's being an engine of Shaanxi's international tourism hub construction, focusing on "building a city carrier system for Shaanxi's international tourism hub, establishing a channel system for the construction of Shaanxi's international tourism hub, creating a convergence system for Shaanxi's international tourism hub, constructing a radiation-driven system for Shaanxi international tourism hub, cultivating the economic system for Shaanxi international tourism hub and setting up the service platform system for the construction of Shaanxi International Tourism Hub, the construction of these six systems shall be promoted as a whole. 

He Jianmin, Member of China Tourism Reform and Development Advisory Committee, Director of Tourism Management Department of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

The construction of Shaanxi International Tourism Hub shall include at least: tourist destinations + tourism extension zones + tourism transit or distribution center.

Measures for the construction of the integrated tourism destinations of Shaanxi inbound tourism and industrial construction: It is necessary to advocate the establishment of synergistic strategic alliances that play the role of the government and the market; to study and optimize the construction of tourism chains; to develop top-class distinctive and attractive products of Xi'an (Shaanxi) : the root products of Chinese history and culture, the root products of the culture of new China, to serve for telling good Chinese stories for domestic and foreign tourists and inheriting excellent culture.

Xiao Yunru, famous cultural scholar and New Silk Road Cultural Communication Ambassador 

"The starting point of the Silk Road and the source of culture", these words discover the main advantage of Shaanxi tourism resources. I suggest that the saying "the starting point of the Silk Road and the source of culture" shall be implemented as a project. It is necessary to turn the understanding of superior resources into specific tourism projects, for example, the “Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor” project. The Silk Road World Cultural Heritage has 22 points within the territory of China, which can be developed into a tourist route of Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor including the 22 scenic spots along the Chinese section of the Silk Road, to develop self-driving tour, RV tour, summer study tour and other tourism items. 

Strengthen the subdivision of the cultural tour of the ancient capital. Among cultural tours, religious themed tours such as Taoist Huashan, Louguantai, the Islamic Mosque, and the ancient Manichaeism, are very attractive for Central Asian; the six ancestral homes of Buddhism can also be strung together. Xi'an has concentrated on the footprints of many famous Tang Dynasty poets such as Bai Juyi, Du Fu, Li Bai, Wang Wei, etc. Combining this resource, some famous scenic spots in Xi'an can be lined up as a special route with Tang poetries. It is very marketable to make a trip to Tang poetry. 

Bai Shanwen, an expert of National Financial Innovation and Development Council

The construction of Shaanxi (Xi'an) International Tourism Hub is a classic practical case of tourism upgrade and transformation actively explored by Shaanxi tourism professionals, in which the brand building of tourism is placed at the core of the transformation of tourism development mode.

The establishment of Silk Road starting point, red tourism, Qinling National Park, religious tourism, festival tourism and other brand projects in Shaanxi Province is an important responsibility given by history to Shaanxi to build an international tourism hub. We shall bring new and high-standard Shaanxi tourism brands to domestic and foreign markets, have a unique voice in the world tourism market, and lead the tourism of Shaanxi to internationalization with the construction of tourism brands.

Pan Qiuling, Dean of the School of Tourism, Xi'an International Studies University, Dean of Shaanxi Tourism Research Institute

Promoting the international tourism hub construction is a strategic choice for Shaanxi to conform to the globalization of the world economy, build an open economic system, and form a comprehensive new development pattern. It is also an inevitable choice for Shaanxi to build a world-class cultural tourism center. It is necessary to clarify the development orientation of Shaanxi International Tourism Hub construction, and build Shaanxi (Xi'an) into a tourism transit platform for the Silk Road Economic Belt, a “must-to-multi-stop” tourism hub for China's inbound tourism market, and a gateway to western China.