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Shaanxi Tourism Promotion Ambassador Selection Awards Ceremony held in Xi'an

On July 6, Shaanxi Tourism Promotion Ambassador Selection Awards Ceremony was held in Xi'an. The ceremony intermingled award presentation with artistic performance.

The 20 contestants standing out through selections made brilliant appearance.
The ceremony presented "Outstanding Shaanxi Tourism Promotion Ambassador", "Best Shaanxi Tourism Promotion Ambassador", the top three places, "Outstanding Contribution Award" and other awards.

Xie Wenqing, Yuan Kai and An Wei won the top three places. Director Gao Zhongyin and Deputy Director Chen Mengyu of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission (SXPTDC) presented awards.

Tourism promotion ambassadors of Shaanxi are disseminators of Shaanxi culture, demonstrators of civilized tourism and tourist leaders, presenters and builders of Shaanxi's tourism image, as well as boosters to Shaanxi's efforts to build an international tourism hub and a first-class international cultural tourism center, said Gao. He hoped that the winners would disseminate cultural Shaanxi with their hearts and talent, tell Chinese stories and convey the voice of Shaanxi with firm cultural confidence in Shaanxi, make cultural Shaanxi go global, enhance Shaanxi's tourism image, and attract more domestic and foreign tourists to Shaanxi.

The ceremony wrapped up the three-month selection of Shaanxi Tourism Promotion Ambassadors.