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Volunteers from American Middle School Visit Emperor Qingshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum

At the occasion of Chinese Dragon Boat Festival on June 18, Emperor Qingshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum hosted 14 volunteers from Montclair Middle School, New Jersey, USA. The volunteers visited three terracotta warrior pits and the cultural relic exhibition hall of the Qin Mausoleum. In addition, they took part in an educational experience activity titled “I am a Cultural Relic Restorer – Learn to Repair Terracotta Warriors”. They also participated in the foreign-language questionnaire survey on “Awareness of Emperor Qingshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum”. Efficient prior communication and meticulous preparation by the host enabled the American middle-school volunteers to have an outstanding visit of the museum. All the teachers and students present on the occasion unanimously expressed their satisfaction over the visit. 

As many as 14 international volunteers took part in the educational experience activity “I am a Cultural Relic Restorer – Learn to Repair Terracotta Warriors” at the museum’s Youth Education Center. During the activity, the instructor introduced the participants to techniques related to excavation, restoration, and conservation of terracotta warriors. Later on, each volunteer completed the restoration of a 1/16 terracotta warrior replica.

“It is so cool! I had only seen Terracotta Warriors in books. Today, I not only availed the opportunity to see them up-close, but also learned about their manufacturing process through the simulated restoration activity. It is not easy to repair Terracotta Warriors. I am so happy that I can present the Terracotta Warrior restored by myself to my family as a gift,” exclaimed Sarah, a volunteer, while speaking to a reporter from Shaanxi TV Station.

As a famous school in New Jersey, USA, Montclair Middle School is dedicated to the promotion of “world citizenship” education. The teacher leading the students said that the volunteer work carried out at the Emperor Qingshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum was a part of the students’ off-campus practice. “It not only provided the students with an opportunity to explore Chinese culture and broaden their knowledge, but also helped them learn about the Terracotta Warriors in a unique way and from a new perspective.”