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Ansai: “1000-People Waist Drum Culture Village” opens to tourists

On May 25, “1000-People Waist Drum Culture Village” Scenic Area in Fengjiaying, Ansai District, Yan’an, Shaanxi Province went into trial operation. The debut show of Ansai waist drum involving over 400 drummers in the area attracted tens of thousands of tourists. 

The village is northern Shaanxi’s largest live action waist drum performance base featuring waist drum performance and folk customs. It comprises nine zones, including Waist Drum Performance Zone, Waist Drum Industry Zone, Waist Drum Style Street, Northern Shaanxi Characteristic Folk Customs and Food Zone, etc.

Ansai is a Chinese hometown of folk culture and art featuring five folk culture brands: waist drum, paper cutting, farmer painting, folk song and quyi (folk arts). They are known as “The First Drum in the World”, “Ground Living Fossil”, “Oriental Picasso” and “Hometown of Xintianyou (a kind of Shaanxi folk songs)”.