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Emmen’s government delegation hails Jinsi Gorge Scenic Area

On May 27, a government delegation of Emmen, Netherlands led by Eric van Oosterhout, Mayor of Emmen visited Jinsi Gorge, a 5A scenic area.

In May, Jinsi Gorge surrounded by mountains and waters is just like a green dragon flying across the hinterland of great Qinling. The delegation gasped in admiration: Jinsi Gorge is so beautiful, we will tell its beauty to the Dutch people and draw them here.

Oosterhout wrote on the guest book as follows: I wish Jinsi Gorge better and better.

Shangluo and Emmen signed the Agreement on Establishing Twin-Cities Relationship in Shangluo on April 11, 2011, to officially establish twin-cities relationship.

Jinsi Gorge Scenic Area is located in Shangnan County, Shangluo. With a total length of 20.5 kilometers and a depth of over 10 kilometers, the area comprises more than 100 attractions in five zones: Bailong Gorge, Heilong Gorge, Qinglong Gorge, Shiyan Gorge and Danjiangyuan. It is a national 5A tourism area, a national geo-park, as well as a rare and the most integral narrow gorge structure in Qinling.