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Seeing Giant Wild Goose Pagoda through the eyes of a tourist

You can experience changes of China over 500 years in Beijing, but 5,000 years in Xi’an. In Xi’an, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is a must-see attraction.

Housed inside Da Ci’en Temple complex, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is said to be designed and oversaw by Xuanzang, the first abbot of Da Ci’en, in 652 to hold sutras and figurines of the Buddha that Xuanzang brought to China from India.

On an evening before 2018 Spring Festival, I came to the less-visited pagoda as many people started their journey home. 

Drawn to the tranquil ambience, I decided to take a few pictures at this moment.

Illuminated by surrounding lights, the pagoda was bathed in a golden glow, just like a monk sitting there quietly. The pagoda has seven stories and each has windows. Standing at the windows, you can look down at the brightly lit city.

On the sight of the amazing structure, I brought to my mind a famous Tang poem by Cen Sen: “The pagoda, rising abruptly from earth, reaches to the very Palace of Heaven. Climbing, we seem to have left the world behind us, with the steps we look down on hung from space. It overtops a holy land, and can only have been built by toil of the spirit. Its four sides darken the bright sun; its seven stories cut the grey clouds.”