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2018 Xi'an Silk Road International Tourism Expo. comes to an end

On April 1, the 2018 Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo came to an end. During the three days of exposition, a total of 6,480 business negotiations were held, 3,042 contracts were signed, intentional investment worth of RMB 1.65 billion was attracted, and over 90,000 on-site purchases were made during visit among the public. During the expo., more than 350 large-scale tourism activities were carried out to benefit people, and as many as 3,573 items of beneficial measures released valued at about RMB 500 million yuan.

On the Shaanxi Tourism Project Promotion and Signing Ceremony, 39 tourism projects were smoothly signed, involving an amount of fund of 35,929.3 million yuan, with an increase of 11.5% and 26.1% respectively compared to the previous session.

The expo., themed by “High-quality Tourism・Common Development”, attracted exhibitors from 35 countries and regions such as Turkey (the guest country), Malaysia, Cambodia, Italy and so on, which brought their local best tourism routes and products.

Chen Guoqiang, Deputy Governor of the Shaanxi Provincial Government, pointed out in the opening speech that Shaanxi is the cradle of Chinese civilization and the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. It is known as the “Natural History Museum”, where Yellow Emperor’s Mausoleum, Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Yan’an Pagoda, Qinling Mountains, Huashan Mountain etc. are the spiritual identity and natural marks of Chinese civilization, Chinese revolution, and Chinese geography. Shaanxi Province will center around the “Belt and Road” initiative and integrate into the “Belt and Road” pattern in an all-round way, striving to create the “Belt and Road” core area.

Tayfun, Turkish Ambassador to the Chinese Embassy, stated in the core area speech that as one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in China, Xi’an has inherited a long history and profound culture and also maintained a high degree of development of modern civilization. As the starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an is deeply loved by people in China and the world for its rich culture and long history. Turkey, as the main guest country of this expo., will seize the opportunity to exhibit Turkey’s profound history and culture and rich varieties of tourism resources for all the exhibitors and friends from all walks of life. It is hoped that the cooperation and exchanges between the two sides will be enhanced and the tourist development will be promoted to a new level.

Gao Zhongyin, Director of the Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee, expressed that the running of the Xi’an Silk Road International Tourism Expo. inherited the spirit of Silk Road, conformed to the trend of integrated development of tourism and was connected to the international tourism market, showing the open spirit of Shaanxi as the starting point of the Silk Road and the sense of responsibility as a key tourist section along the route.

From 2014 till now, the expo. has been held for consecutively five years and attracted exhibitors from a total of more than 130 countries and regions including Turkey, Italy, Cambodia and South Korea to participate, which stands as an international high-level tourism cooperation trading platform for cultural exchanges between East and West and regional tourism cooperation.