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Shaanxi intends to create Han and Tang emperor's mausoleum tourist routes

Shaanxi abounds in cultural relics of emperor’s tombs, including 11 Han Dynasty emperors’ tombs and 18 Tang Dynasty emperors’ tombs, in which 30 emperors in Han and Tang dynasties were buried as two emperors were buried in Qian Mausoleum. However, among the 29 tombs of the Han and Tang emperors, only Yang Mausoleum, Du Mausoleum and Mao Mausoleum of emperors in the Han Dynasty, and Qian Mausoleum, Zhao Mausoleum and Qiao Mausoleum of emperors in the Tang Dynasty have been formally opened as tourist attractions. Yet other tombs, though can be visited, due to poor traffic conditions and other reasons, have poor accessibility. To this end, Shaanxi has issued the Han and Tang Emperors’ Mausoleum Cultural Relic Tourist Route Plan and plans to spend two years building an imperial mausoleum tourism road network centered on Xi’an, which connects those 29 tombs with roads to form a unique Han and Tang mausoleum tourist route.

In the planning of tourist routes, tourists are offered with a variety of day trips, such as the Han Dynasty Emperor Mausoleum Tourist Route: Xi’an-Yang Mausoleum-Wei Mausoleum-Mao Mausoleum-Xi’an. Tourist interested in history or seeking historical study can also choose to travel for an in-depth understanding.