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Daming Palace scenic area received 501,000 tourists during 2018 Spring Festival

In 2018 Spring Festival, Daming Palace National Heritage Park launched a series of activities of Tang Spring Fesitival, during this period, the park recepted a total number of 501,159 tourists. 

During the Tang Spring Fesitival, the Shannxi folklore was integrated into the "Festival Taste" and the living tradition of excellent traditional culture is demonstrated through a lot of colorful activities such as Social Fire Parade, Intangible Heritage Show and Bronze Mirror Exhibition while presenting the "Connotation of Tang Culture ". On the other hand, modern culture has given new forms of the expression of Tang culture. For example, the Naked Eye 3D Light Show, the Era Light Show and so on.

These activities allow tourists to experience the original folk culture and the most Chinese Spring Festival of Xi'an while experiening the historic civilization. 

The Daming Palace National Heritage Park is a World Cultural Heritage, a national key cultural relics protection unit. Located at Taihua Road, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, the Dragon Head Plain in the north of Chang'an, Daming Palace was built in the 8th year of Zhengguan, reign of Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty. It's plane is in a slightly trapezoidal shape.

Daming Palace wais not only the most magnificent ensemble of the royal architecture of the Tang Empire, but also the world's largest palace complex at that time,it was the national symbol of the Tang Dynasty. The Daming Palace was built in the 8th year of Zhengguan, the reign of Emperor Taizong in the Tang Dynasty with an area of 3.2 square feet Km, but unfortunately was destroyed in late Tang Dynasty.

The site of the Daming Palace is an important site protection project of world significance identified by the International Council of Ancient Sites and is an important part of the Silk Road which was applying for the World Cultural Heritage as a whole.

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