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Societatea Romana De Televiziune broadcasts Exploration of Terracotta Warriors

Channel 1 of Societatea Romana De Televiziune (SRTV or Romanian Television Corporation) recently gave primetime coverage to Exploration of Terracotta Warriors, a television program that introduces Shaanxi and Xi’an as the roots of Chinese civilization and starting points of the ancient Silk Road.

The program presented famous historical sites and relics, such as Shaanxi History Museum, Da Ci’en Temple, Beilin Museum, Terracotta Warriors Museum, Fortification of Xi’an, Banpo Museum, and Great Mosque of Xi’an. Moreover, it featured the Shaanxi Opera Competition in Guyi Agency, which is quite popular in China’s northwestern provinces. It also included scenes from the “Double Seventh Festival Variety Show” of Shaanxi Television Station. Xi’an’s beautiful night scene, dazzling commodity markets, exotic snack streets, jubilant close-ups of the elderly, and beautiful square dance performances were also recorded.

Mrs. Marina and the photographer were amazed by Shaanxi’s ancient civilization. They efficiently filmed and produced the program. SRTV’s Channel I allocated 50 minutes of screen time to this program for the Romanian viewers.

Former Chinese ambassador and sinologist Mr. Luo Ming and his wife and sinologist and historian Mrs. Anna wrote in their mail, “The program showed the urban landscape of Xi’an which is an old and also a modern city. The program took us into a myth-like world, but it reflected the real Xi’an and real Shaanxi.” The famous Romanian poet and Mr. Lu Qi’an, who is the president of Youth Publishing House in Iasi, stated in their mail, “The protagonist of this program is the light -- the light of happiness that appears in the people’s eyes, the shining light of long history, the amazing light of urban development, and the beautiful light of the night in the city.”