History and Culture of Shaanxi

Shaanxi is one of major birthplaces of Chinese nation and Chinese civilization. Lantian ape men lived here 800,000 years ago. In 1953, the Banpo Village site was found in Chengdong, Xi’an, demonstrating the progress and civilization of the matriarchal clan society 6,000 year ago. Yellow Emperor is the earliest ancestor of Chinese nation. The Yellow Emperor mausoleum located in Huangling County, northern Shaanxi has become the symbol of the spirit of Chinese nation.


  • The reign was more than 1,000 years

    More than 10 dynasties founded a capital in Shaanxi, including the Western Zhou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Western Han Dynasty, Former Zhao Dynasty, Former Qin Dynasty, Later Qin Dynasty, Western Wei Dynasty, Northern Zhou Dynasty, Daxia Dynasty, Sui Dynasty, and Tang Dynasty. The reign was more than 1,000 years. Shaanxi is the province with the most dynasties founding a capital here as well as the longest reign in China. For a long time it has been China’s political, economic, and cultural center, leaving abundant historical and cultural heritage. Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi, is one of six major ancient cities in China.