Festivals and Ceremonies

Festivals and ceremonies are considered the source of folk culture in China. and Shaanxi, as the cradle of Chinese national culture, has some of its festivals and ceremonies dating back to the Western Zhou Dynasty. Various grand festivals make the province an excellent place to visit. Visitors can enjoy the charming customs of Shaanxi all year round, such as the lively Dragon Boat Race, grand sacrificial ceremonies as well as various cultural tourism celebrations. A visit to Shaanxi will be worthwhile beyond any doubt.

  • Overseas Chinese Ancestor Worship

    The grand opening ceremony and performances, the sacrificial ceremony ofChinese Ancestor Emperor Yandi, the International Chinese Cultural Forum, tours tooverseas Chinese hometowns.

  • Xi’an City Wall International Marathon Race

    Activities: the 5 km event, the 10 km event, the Semi-journey Marathon and theMarathon Photography Contest.

  • Dragon Boat Festival in Hanjiang River

    Activities: Dragon boat parade and race, performances, ecotourism promotion,investment and trade fairs

  • Kermis in Mount Huashan

    Grand mountain-honoring ceremony, folk Shehuo celebrations, Qinqiangperformance and drum dance, the international mountaineering festival, shows ofpaintings, calligraphies and photos.

  • Rape Flower Festival

    Activities: trips to the site of rape flowers, the photography competition, local performances, folk songs festival of southern Shaanxi, cultural tourism festival in Wuhou (Zhuge Liang) Tomb.

  • Sacrificial Ceremony in the Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor

    Activities: declamation of the elegiac address, sacrifices offering, firecrackers display, pines and cypresses planting, visit to the Mausoleum of the Yellow Emperor